Real estate investment in Israel

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Real estate deveopment area's :

 As part of the government’s ongoing efforts to encourage industrial development, particulary in small towns outside of the center of the country, the Ministry of Trade and Industry administers development grants and tax incentives for creation of industry in these areas. In addition, companies seeking land in these areas may apply and receive site allocations at subsidized prices for construction of factories.

Terminology for home buyers

Apartment / flat - Building appartment can be a duplex or detached house
Cottage – A dwelling on more than one level, attached to another dwelling with it’s own private entrance and garden.
Villa – A free standing dwelling with garden attached.
Penthouse – The top floor or apartment of an apartment building oftentimes with a roof terrace.

Mortgages for foreign non Israelis residents

Mortgages for foreign non-residents are available in Israel. The typical mortgage would be up to 60% of the Appraised Value, although you can also use EMI (Mortgage Insurance) as a way to increase the amount of your mortgage. On New Construction Projects in Israel, you can often get higher % Mortgages than on resale property, sometimes as much as 80% of the value. Feel free to contact one or more of the Israeli Banks mentioned on this site for further information.

real estate agents and lawyers In Israel

The real estate agents In Israel,charge about two to 3% of the price of the property as their commission. Both the buyer and the seller have to pay the commission.
The real estate agents in Israel help buyers through the paperwork involved in selling and buying real estate in Israel.
Similarly, both the buyer and the seller have their own lawyers. The lawyers determine the legal status of the property. Lawyers incorporate the price and all the financial terms in the agreement.
After the agreement, it is necessary to pay the first payment. The real state agents and the lawyers also present their fees that were due. In addition, the buyer has to pay the purchase tax. However, there is time of 50 days to make the payment.

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